For inquiries email us at or call the Newman Center (440) 243-4955

or contact any of the leaders below:


Name: Nick Cantello
Year: Junior
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major: Music Composition
Fun Fact: Plays the pipe organ
Why is Newman special to you?: “Newman is a place where I’ve found like-minded people who encourage me to stay faithful to Christ.”

Name: Melissa Lynn 
Vice President, Small Group Coordinator
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Fairview Park, OH
Major: Pre-Physical Therapy
Fun Fact: Teaches fifth grade faith formation
Why is Newman special to you?: “Newman has helped me find people to walk with in this exciting journey of falling in love with Jesus!”

Name: Alexandra McMahon
Role: Communications Coordinator
Year: Junior
Hometown: Menifee, CA
Major: BA Acting/Directing
Fun Fact: Was Fiona in Shrek the Musical
Why is Newman special to you?: “Newman creates a community to help grow in my Faith.”

Name: Veronica Burke
Small Group Coordinator 
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: Loves drawing and listening to music
Why is Newman special to you?: “The relationships you make in Newman are amazing. The strongest relationships you can have are ones that are founded in Faith, and, through Newman, you meet great people and forge friendships that will last forever.  Together, you can all help each other grow in faith and help support each other in difficult times.”

Name: Emma Skundrich
Role: Finance Coordinator
Hometown: Wexford, PA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Communications Sciences and Disorders
Fun Fact: Loves the Pittsburgh Penguins
Why is Newman special to you?:“I’m really glad that I found Newman because I never went to a Catholic school or really did anything outside of Church before college. It’s nice to have people I can confide in and just be able to have that deeper connection through faith.”

Name: Melanie Moody
Role: Liturgical Coordinator
Hometown: Olmsted Falls, OH
Year: Junior
Major: Public Health
Fun Fact: a) Obsessed with sloths; b) Has family that lives in France
Why is Newman special to you?: “It’s my second home.”

Name: Kelly DeGross
Role: Secretary
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Fairview Park, OH
Major: Middle Childhood Education
Fun Fact: Has a photographic memory
Why is Newman special to you?: “BW Newman is a solid foundation for me to actively keep up with my faith and relationship with God through the stress of college classes, career decisions, and other commitments while at a non-Catholic campus. Participating in this organization is important and essential to someone like myself who is attending a school not affiliated with Catholicism for the first time. In the few short months since joining BW Newman, I have made many friends in all classes whom I can count on to encourage me to continue developing in my faith journey and be a rock for me socially and emotionally. BW Newman has already provided me with new perspectives and approaches to practicing my faith.”

Name: Steve Eyerman
Role: Campus Minister
Email:  Cell: (216) 288-3471
Hometown: University Heights
Major: Literature, Philosophy, and Theology, and an MEd
Why is Newman special to you?: “Because we’ve got so many students coming from such different places, yet they all want to keep and strengthen their faith together. This is a happy place, full of grace and faith and hope and love. And we want to share it with everyone who is open to it.”